Hi love, I'm Madi!  
It was a gift from the gods...
When the idea came to me in 2017, I knew nothing prior about anything essential oil related. It truly became one of those wild success stories that don't have much of an explanation. 
Personally, I love music, cartoons, & all things magick.
I practice the intuitive arts- reading tarot,  astrology,  energetic healing- & am building a space to hold & guide others through their own Self Mastery.
I'd always dreamed of becoming a rockstar- & still fully entertain that 😏
I have an overwhelming amount of fire within me, as an Aries sun, & rising, & Sagittarius moon.
I believe that to maintain the childlike spirit is the true source of happiness, & is a choice. 

A "dark (k)night of the soul" has felt like my experience for most of this life. Having succumbed to crippling anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar disorders- all the labels- for two decades. I knew early on that the ways of the world are super suspect, & was ready to do my own thing. I have been on a conscious awakening journey since age 15 and have traveled far and wide, spending nearly the equivalent to a master's degree on holistic/alternative mentors & teachers- in search of coming back to my original self.
I am here to tell you that it is best to simply believe in yourself, & the wisdom already within you.
I am here to tell you that the love you give yourself, will be the most powerful thing you can do.
I am here to tell you how wonderful you are. Exactly as you are.
You get to just be yourself, unapologetically, no alterations needed.
People don't need to be "fixed". We're never broken. We're not machines.
We just need to be loved.
Shine on, you crazy diamond 💎